Assignment #13 – Rich Text Editor Magic

16 Mar

I said magic because code is purely magical (well, it’s the devil when you can’t figure out a problem, but we won’t go there) and this assignment was great. I learned a lot. I didn’t run into any problems..I figured it out on my own without the help from the word doc. I just used my instincts on how to finish the project. It worked!

Thanks for the great quarter, Bill!

Total time: 35 minutes


Assignment#12 – Image Upload

12 Mar

What a great setup! Thanks for the files, Bill! You are giving us such gems this quarter to take with us in the “real world”. I encountered no problems with this assignment.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Assignment #11 – Contact Databases

10 Mar

I enjoyed this project because I could enter my information and then see it in my database. Very cool! I encountered no problems with this assignment.

Total time: 20 min

Assignment #10 – Admin Login

4 Mar

Like you said, very easy. The only thing that took me time was figuring out to style my table! I finally realized that the table width wasn’t changing in size because another style, the #content p tags, were making it not work. So, I fixed that.That was the thing that took the most time!

Total Time: roughly 40 minutes

Assignment #9 – Paging

2 Mar

You were right. So easy. Once assignment 7 got completed, the others fall right into place, right where they should be. Encountered zero problems. Styling of the buttons isn’t exactly perfect, but I am not about to spend too much time on that detail.

Total time: 10 minutes.

Assignment #8: List/View

26 Feb

Well, I must say that this project was fun! I chose for my subject a list and view of great, I mean awesome, movies from the decade I was born: The 1980s!

I followed the instruction sheet carefully, so I didn’t run into any snags (thanks to you, Bill!) and I must say that creating the database sql file was tedious!

Total time: 2 hrs

Assignment #7

20 Feb

For this project, I began it in class, as did my fellow peers. After I felt confident I used my existing portal theme for the class and made it into a theme for this assignment (because I like it so much!) I got it all working, with no real problems. The only issue I ran into is that on my index.php in the <title> it still says “test test” (I had put that there to test it out prior) and now, I can’t figure out how to change it back to what I really want it to say. It is driving me nuts, but I am sure it’s something simple that I overlooked.

Total Time: 2 hrs